F1 debuts global marketing campaign ahead of first race

Formula 1 has launched its first global marketing campaign ahead of the opening race of the 2018 season next weekend.

Previously, under former owners CVC Capital and Bernie Ecclestone, F1 relied on the teams, circuits and broadcasters to promote the sport through various channels, such as show runs, social media and local television.

However Liberty Media, which took control of F1 in late-2016, launched a new global marketing campaign on Friday just a week before the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

The campaign includes a one-minute film titled 'Engineered Insanity', where real fans are placed inside a wind tunnel and are shown being 'blown away' by the action on offer. Initially the film will debut on social media, but various 30-second versions will be broadcast globally.

Ellie Norman, director of marketing, explained to Reuters that it was about time the sport promoted itself, rather than relying on others to do it.

"There is definitely a sense of appreciation that for the first time Formula 1 is promoting the sport and the series itself," she said, adding: "The teams work incredibly hard from their team and driver perspective but there has not been something from Formula 1 that promotes the series."

Ahead of every race – of which there are 21 this year – a new TV spot will be created showing action from the most recent grand prix.

The new campaign is just one part of Liberty's marketing drive, which includes an extended deal with Snapchat and multiple F1 Live shows, replicating the one held in London last year.