Phillip Horton  |    |   2  |  27 February 2018

Robert Kubica 'surprised' by Williams' FW41 at Barcelona test, enjoying new role in F1

Robert Kubica says he was pleasantly surprised by the performance of Williams’ FW41 after his half day in the car during testing in Spain.

As part of his role as Williams’ new development driver, Kubica has been allocated two afternoons in the team’s 2018 challenger at the opening pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Kubica took over from Sergey Sirotkin for the afternoon running on Tuesday and finished sixth overall, within two seconds of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, as he completed 48 laps.

“It was a good feeling, although I’m in a different role but I’m actually enjoying it,” he said.

“It’s different from racing but still I have the opportunity to drive like today, and it gives me a better global picture in order to commit in a deeper way into my role.

“We’ll keep working and try to help the race drivers to enjoy the car and try to make it as fast as possible.

“I’m somehow surprised by how positive things are in some areas of this new car.

“It’s a new car so we have to solve so issues, but that’s normal in such complicated circumstances, as we have really changed the approach with his new car.”

Kubica, though, grew frustrated at repeated questions over his “limitations”, and hopes focus in the future can be placed on his role with Williams.

“I was always comfortable,” he said. “It was only media talking about me not being comfortable…

“If I can jump in the car in difficult conditions and do a good job that’s fair enough.

“Of course I have my limitations, which I never hid, and I think the problem was that I was too honest with everybody and you keep asking the same question.

“I’m enjoying a good period, I’m actually enjoying my role and I think I’m happy to give positive stories and not talk about the same thing after many years.

“If you could help me with this I think it would be beneficial for everybody!"

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