Lance Stroll is aiming to come back mentally stronger in 2018

Lance Stroll believes he will come back mentally stronger for his second season in Formula 1.

After a barrage of criticisms over his inconsistent performances throughout his debut season with Williams, the 19-year old claims to have taken time over the winter to look back on his rookie year and improve himself.

"It was important I spent the off-season reflecting," he said. "I now feel a completely different driver to the one I was a year ago.

"Over the course of the year I’ve changed dramatically as a driver, I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I’m going to come back for the new season and be much stronger, both mentally and physically.

"I’ve got a lot improving to do, qualifying in particular, I need to do better there. But I’m confident I will. I’ve got a big year ahead."

Despite being constantly labeled as a 'pay driver' because of his background, the young Canadian believes he has earned his place within F1 due to his achievements in the junior formula thanks to the Superlicence system the FIA put in place at the end of 2015.

"I believe I have earned my shot in Formula One," Stroll added. "I have won F3 and we all know F3 is a very high level.

"I have won F4 and other categories. I have got my superlicence which the FIA put in place for that exact reason. They believe drivers need to win championships before they get into F1.

"All I now want to do is put my helmet on and go race. Williams believes in me. They are a team that has proven they work well with young drivers.

"I come from a background that when I win, people try to put me down, and when I lose, people try to put me down. I accept that and I actually find it kind of funny."