Chris Soulsby  |    |   0  |  12 January 2018

Formula E minimum pitstop time remains for Marrakesh ePrix

After a considerable amount of objection, Formula E teams have successfully reverted the FIA's decision to scrap a minimum pitstop time ahead of this weekend's Marrakesh ePrix.

Earlier this week, the FIA had planned to remove the all-electric series' minimum pitstop time with immediate effect after feeling that the series had reached what could be considered as the fastest possible pitstop time.

Despite the FIA believing that the removal of this time limit would not pose a risk to health and safety, a number of teams and drivers expressed reservation at this decision, arguing that by turning pitstops into a competition of speed that the chances for more mistakes to be made are increased, thus causing safety concerns. 

Due to the short-term notice of this new rule change, teams requested for the removal of the minimum pitstop time to be pushed back and implemented for the next round of the 2017-18 season at the Santiago ePrix in February. 

It has been decided by the stewards that the Marrakesh ePrix this weekend will have a 45 second minimum pitstop time where drivers will change into their second car for the race.

Due to varying start-up times for cars caused by the different software that is used by powertrain manufacturers, concerns have also been expressed that the removal of the minimum pitstop time could act as a potential advantage for teams with a quicker start-up procedure.

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