Ross Brawn promises 'sensational' video-game inspired Formula 1 cars in the future

Formula 1's Ross Brawn has promised "sensational" looking cars in the future that will resemble something from a video game.

Although the latest generation of F1 car has been designed to look more aggressive than past cars, with its wider tyres, lower and wider wings, Brawn reckons they can go further and make them truly stand-out.

With the introduction of the Halo head protection device, aesthetics, in the eyes of many, will take a step back this season, but Brawn says F1 has designers actively working on improving the look of the Halo by incorporating it into the design of the car as well as improving the overall look when new rules come into play for 2021.

"We've had designers working on the aesthetics of the cars for some time now and the aesthetics of the cars are a really important thing," he told Sky Sports.

"I think we've done some great work on how you integrate the Halo, for instance, because it looks like it's just been stuck on the car – which it quite literally has."

Brawn says the aesthetics of Formula 1 cars is high on the agenda for Liberty Media.

"It's obvious, but when you talk to the fans [they say] the cars have got to look great. They've almost got to look like derivatives of video games and evolve in a way where the video games take their key from Formula 1, not the other way round."

"I think they'll look sensational. We're going to have some great-looking cars in the future, that's a really important thing for us [Liberty]."

Image reproduced with permission from concept designer Antonio Paglia.