Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  6 December 2017

FIA makes Brazilian Grand Prix security recommendations

The FIA has made a number of recommendations to improve security at the Brazilian Grand Prix following a spate of incidents in recent years.

Security around the circuit has been a persistent issue, but this year a number of attacks on team members forced the FIA to request a report on the incidents so it can make recommendations to improve the matter at future events.

A vehicle carrying members of the Mercedes F1 team was stopped and the driver held at gunpoint, whilst vehicles belonging to Pirelli, Sauber, Williams and the FIA were also forced to stop, but managed to escape before the thieves could gain access.

As a result, Pirelli and McLaren even cancelled their post-Brazil tyre test, fearing their crews could be attacked.

Formula 1 has concluded its report into the matter and the FIA has requested a number of changes to ensure security is improved.

"The World Council was presented with the report on the security incidents that occurred at this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix which was requested from the Commercial Rights Holder (CRH) by the FIA.

"Following the report, the CRH recommended that the promoter, who is responsible for the security of the event, retains an independent security expert to evaluate and advise on security plans, implements a police reporting hub at the circuit and improves overall communication between the promoter security, police and F1 stakeholders.

"The World Council strongly urged the promoter to implement these recommendations and improve the situation ahead of next year’s event. The FIA will offer to participate in discussions with the local authorities and closely monitor the situation."

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