Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  5 December 2017

Number of overtakes in 2017 halved compared to 2016

Overtaking in 2017 dramatically decreased compared to the 2016 season according to data released by tyre supplier Pirelli, despite the introduction of new cars with wider tyres aimed at increasing the amount of on-track action.

Last year saw 866 overtakes – an average of 41.2 per race – whilst 2017 saw just 435 – an average of 21.8 per race – that represents an almost 50 per cent reduction and the lowest amount since DRS was introduced in 2011.

In fact only one race this year managed to beat the overtaking average of 2016, with Azerbaijan delivering 42 passing moves during what was a chaotic race won by Daniel Ricciardo.

The Red Bull driver claimed the trophy for the most overtakes during the entire season with 43 passes – 13 of those coming during the British Grand Prix alone when the Australian started at the back and fought his way through to finish fifth.

The Russian GP saw the least overtakes with just one recorded, whilst China had the highest for a wet race at 31.

Coming back to individual drivers and those overtaken the fewest number of times were Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton at just two apiece.

The driver who claimed the most opening lap overtakes was Williams rookie Lance Stroll. The Canadian managed to make up 36 positions across the season.

How overtaking moves are calculated: an overtaking manoeuvre is counted as one that takes place during complete flying laps (so not on the opening lap) and is then maintained all the way to the lap’s finish line. Position changes due to major mechanical problems or lapping/unlapping are not counted.

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