Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  30 November 2017

Ferrari aren't ready for Formula E - Alejandro Agag

Formula E boss Alejandro Agag doesn't believe Ferrari are ready to commit to the all-electric series as it would represent a huge cultural shift in how they operate as a company.

Although manufacturers are rushing to join the series with Audi, Jaguar and Renault already involved, whilst Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Nissan are set to join shortly, the fact Ferrari aren't actively developing an electric supercar means the series has less relevance to the Italian company compared to Formula 1.

Agag therefore expects it to be some way off before Ferrari looks at joining despite some whipsers from chairman Sergio Marchionne that the prancing horse is monitoring the series.

"It would be fantastic," he told El Confidencial. "But I think, for now, it would be a very big cultural change for them.

"Marchionne has said he is looking at it, but not for Ferrari but for Maserati perhaps. But I have never spoken to him, in fact I do not know him. I don't think it's imminent."

Agag reckons its inevitable companies like Ferrari will join as electric cars catch up to and overtake traditional combustion engine powered cars.

"I would love it but within five or ten years electric cars are going to be up there [with Ferraris]. I have seen the new Tesla Roadster that is 0-100kph in 1.9 seconds, I've seen nothing like that from Ferrari."

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