Ryan Wood  |    |   2  |  7 November 2017

Ilmor and Cosworth back proposed 2021 engine plan

Two independent engine manufacturers have backed the FIA and Liberty Media's proposed 2021 engine, which it hopes will reduce the cost of entry and development, whilst also producing more noise akin to Formula 1's past.

Ilmor and Cosworth, both of which have been involved in F1 previously, believe the proposal would open the sport up to new manufacturers and create a greater level of competition by having more than the four suppliers at present.

The proposal is based on the current 1.6L V6 hybrid, but drops the expensive and technically advanced MGU-H in favour of a more powerful MGU-K, plus a higher rev limit to improve the sound.

Ilmor managing director Steve Miller believes the plan is "headed in the right direction", despite the opposition from current manufacturers Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes.

"It's inherently the right thing to do to get away from an over-complicated product that doesn't sound good and is not really turning on the fans," Miller told BBC Sport.

"If they come out of this with a measured view of what's required to get more manufacturers on the grid, then it is easily achievable from the platform they are working from and I think they are headed in the right direction."

Cosworth's Bruce Wood agrees and reckons the greatly reduced cost to get involved will attract new manufacturers to the sport.

"We think the [proposed] rules are something that open it up to a much wider group of people technically and to a much smaller amount of money, which can only interest more people," he said.

"The key thing is that anybody new coming in would have to spend a lot, lot less. Certainly no independent could contemplate it under the current rules and any car company or anyone else entering now knows it is a many hundreds of millions bill and in the current world I'm not sure anybody can tolerate that."

With the sport's current manufacturers expressing anger at the proposal, Wood's believes the sport must take a long-term view to ensure it remains sustainable.

"It is impossible to say the status quo as it is now can be maintained for the long term and if one of the current players should drop out, I don't think they are going to be replaced by anybody so I think they have taken a long-term view."

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