Liberty Media considering rows of three cars on Formula 1 grid

Liberty Media is reportedly considering a shake-up to how the grid is formed at the start of Formula 1 races in a bid to shake-up the order on the opening lap.

Currently cars line up two per row, slightly staggered so the car that qualified ahead has a slight advantage. However Liberty Media is looking at having alternating rows of three and two cars.

Therefore the front-row would feature three cars instead of two, whilst row two would have two cars and that would alternate to the very back.

According to Bild, it's thought having three cars on the front-row would create more opportunity for a position change into the opening corner, whilst those in fourth and fifth on row two, would have a clearer view ahead.

It would also prove to be a safer approach as cars would be ofset and therefore a stalled car would be more visible to those behind, whilst giving them a greater amount of time to react.

One circuit that would be an exception to the rule would be Monaco, due to the narrow start/finish straight that cannot accomodate three cars abreast, nor can it be widened due to pit buildings on the right and high-rise buildings on the left – although a plan to relocate the pits has been proposed, but remains in the very early stages of planning.

The idea has been presented to the teams, although it's believed they're not keen on the proposal as it creates more opportunity for collisions on the opening lap.

It's yet to be decided if the change will get the green light for 2018, but it's one among many ideas Liberty is proposing to liven up the racing.

Here's how that would work...