Tech Bite: McLaren debuts new bargeboards in Malaysia

Sepang proved to be a fruitful track for McLaren despite the long back and front straights. With Stoffel Vandoorne firmly in the points and Fernando Alonso within touching distance of 10th place.

It is clear that the MCL32 is indeed a very strong chassis (a speed trap in Turn 10 showed that they were one of the fastest cars through that section in qualifying, ahead of both Red Bulls) and one that should suit the upcoming rounds.

New bargeboards were available to Alonso only in Malaysia, which is surprising given that it is a fairly modest update and nothing overly complex, but both are expected to run the upgrade at this weekend's Japanese GP. 

The crinkled part of the primary board that meets with the side of the tub has less rounded edges while a smaller secondary board has been installed in front, intersecting the axe head of the floor.

The smaller board will shed a fairly strong vortex that will entwine with its bigger sibling’s one behind to further prevent the floor leaking low pressure along the car’s flanks.