FIA takes no action after bizarre Sebastian Vettel/Lance Stroll slow down incident

The FIA has taken no action against Sebastian Vettel or Lance Stroll after the pair were involved in a bizarre slow down lap crash following the chequered flag for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Vettel, following a strong drive from last to fourth, came up on the Williams of Stroll during the slow down lap back to the pitlane, but the pair made heavy contact at Turn 5 and although a low-speed incident, the damage to Vettel's Ferrari was substantial.

The stewards deemed no individual was "wholly or predominantly to blame" and therefore have taken no action against either.

"On the approach to Turn 5 during the slow down lap after the end of the race, Car 18 (STR) was towards the middle of the track, Car 8 (GRO) was closing from behind on the inside of Car 18 and at the same time, Car 5 (VET) overtook Car 18 on the outside and in doing so, turned in slightly towards the apex of Turn 5," read the stewards report.

"Simultaneously Car 18 was moving slighty away from the apex. This resulted in contact between the left rear tyre of Car 5 and the front tyre of Car 18.

"The stewards consider that no driver was wholly or predominantly to blame for the incident and will therefore take no further action."

The FIA warned drivers that caution must be taken at all times, including the slow down lap, adding: "The stewards also consider that even though the race has ended, caution still needs to be exercised by all drivers on the slow down lap."

Vettel placed the blame on Stroll for failing to look in his mirrors and could now face a five-place grid penalty if he needs to change his gearbox for the Japanese GP next week.

"I went on the outside to pick up a bit of rubber," Vettel explained. "I think Lance wasn’t looking and wanted to do the same. But it was too late, I was there already, and we had contact. It was completely unnecessary. I think he just didn’t look and then decided to pick up some rubber."