Four major US cities interested in joining Formula 1 calendar

A second, third or even fourth Grand Prix in the United States could be on the cards, with Formula 1 boss Chase Carey revealing that four major cities have expressed an interest in joining the calendar.

Whilst Europe has seven races (nine in 2018 with the addition of Germany and France), North America boasts just three with Montreal, Texas and Mexico City on the roster – with only one of those in the USA.

Carey is therefore keen to see at least one more US race on the calendar in the near future and possibly another after that, admitting F1 has a five-year plan to expand its American audience.

Speaking to Racer, he said: "Traditionally I think I've usually said four [races]: New York, Miami, L.A. and Vegas."

"We have interest from each of those; we have interest from more than one in a number of them, but I think we're not going to publicly play people against each other. I don't think we want to be engaging these discussions in public.

"We want to find the right platform with the right partners, the right opportunity, the right place and the right type of event that will capture peoples' imagination.

"I think the right way to go about that is to have these discussions. We want them to be real partners, we're not just looking to do a deal," he added. "We really want to have a partnership where we're engaged.

"These events are a face to the sport, and I think it's important we have an event that represents what makes this sport special. So we want to be thoughtful about it."

Formula 1's sole event in the US takes place in October at the purpose-built Circuit of the Americas, near Austin.