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Formula 1 should be the opposite of Formula E - Christian Horner

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says Formula 1 should be the opposite of Formula E by truly embracing the traditional principles of motorsport, rather than trying to attract manufacturers by playing with hybrid systems and expensive future technologies.

Formula E recently announced that Mercedes and Porsche will join the grid in 2019, adding to an already impressive list of manufacturers which are flocking to the series to further their research and development of electric power.

Horner reckons F1 should therefore set itself apart and focus on the entertainment side by putting the focus on the driver, not the technology, whilst returning to "high-revving" V10 engines, which would attract the supercar manufacturers, rather than the mainstream manufacturers.

"I hope for Formula 1 that we don't get into a bad compromise," Horner told Auto Motor und Sport. "That wouldn't help anyone. The manufacturers will say goodbye [and go] to Formula E. That is their playing field for future technologies.

"Formula 1 is at a crossroads. The new engine comes in 2021 and will accompany us for the next eight to ten years.

"Formula 1 should therefore be the opposite [of Formula E]. Pure racing, man and machine, a competition of the best drivers in the world with combustion engines. I personally would return to a high-revving, naturally aspirated, either V10 or even V12.

"I hope that the rules after 2021 will put the driver in the foreground. The team is supposed to make a difference, but not to the extent of today. In any case, there must be no more engine formula."

Horner says F1's current model isn't working as Formula E is already attracting more manufacturers than F1 ever has, therefore Liberty Media and Ross Brawn must make some brave decisions to take the sport in a different direction.

"The big manufacturers are already going to Formula E. Porsche, Mercedes, Renault, Audi, Jaguar. This is already more than Formula 1 ever had. 

"The cost of Formula E is currently only 5 per cent of a Formula 1 entry. I can imagine that the large-scale manufacturers will migrate to Formula E and the sportscar manufacturers will cavort in F1. Like Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini. Their environment is Formula 1.

"The new owners want to give the teams a value through a better product. At the moment, Formula 1 does not make sense for anybody from an economic point of view. Therefore, we must modify this model.

"I told the Liberty people that a great show will depend on the fact that we need wheel-to-wheel racing, the drivers becoming the heroes. Ross Brawn is facing a conflict. He now needs the courage to make the right decisions."

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