Ryan Wood  |    |   1  |  8 August 2017

Mika Hakkinen impressed by Hamilton/Bottas 'real partnership'

Mika Häkkinen says he was impressed by the "real partnership" displayed by Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas at the Hungarian Grand Prix, after the pair swapped positions twice at the orde of their team.

A quicker Hamilton was allowed to pass team-mate Bottas in order to attack the Ferraris ahead, but despite closing up to the back of Kimi Räikkönen, he was unable to pass and was therefore told to give the position back to Bottas on the final lap. Hamilton did so at the final corner, costing himself three extra championship points.

Häkkinen says Bottas showed "intelligence" and proved he isn't a "selfish" driver, by following the team's orders to swap positions and likewise when Hamilton handed the place back, which the Finn says proves both were working for the team in a "real partnership", rather than thinking solely about themselves.

"Seeing Valtteri Bottas move over during last Sunday’s race to let Lewis Hamilton take the fight to Kimi Räikkönen is absolutely typical behaviour for him," wrote Hakkinen.

"He is not selfish in relation to the teams he works for. Like any top driver he is selfish enough to want to win, but also intelligent enough to know that working together will bring the results to the team."

Häkkinen added: "Later, when I saw Lewis allow Valtteri to overtake him and regain position, I thought to myself that this is a great example of a team working together, a real partnership.

"There were risks involved in that last lap, as Max Verstappen was very quick towards the end of the race. There was always the chance of giving away a position to him, but Valtteri and Lewis managed it perfectly."

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