Ryan Wood  |    |   1  |  15 July 2017

Romain Grosjean: Lewis Hamilton escaped penalty because of title fight

Romain Grosjean believes Lewis Hamilton escaped a penalty for blocking during qualifying because he is involed in a close championship battle with Sebastian Vettel, and the stewards were reluctant to interfere.

Hamilton was investigated during qualifying after Grosjean complained he was held up by the Mercedes driver at Club corner during Q3.

The stewards chose not to penalise the Briton, who claimed a dominant pole in front of his home crowd, as they didn't believe Grosjean was "impeded".

"Surprised by the wording: 'the driver behind has not been impeded'," Grosjean said. "If losing 0.35-0.4 seconds in one corner is not being impeded, I am very surprised.

"I think it opens room for messy qualifying and the rules are pretty clear."

Grosjean then hinted that the title fight could be the reason the stewards backed off from penalising Hamilton.

"I know there is a world title going on at the front but we are in a position where we actually fight as hard as the boys at the front and I was impeded today.

"How can I put it? Maybe if it was another driver there would have been something. It does feel sometimes that there are two types of decision."

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