Tech Bite: Ferrari debuts new front-wing in Austria

I’m pretty sure I have written about Ferrari for almost every grand prix weekend so far this year, which is a welcome surprise. The user-friendly SF70H is potent at every type of circuit it seems, but Ferrari, as they have done so far in 2017, must continue to develop at a significant rate if they’re to clinch their first title in 10 years. 

Another new front-wing was run straight out of the box for both Ferrari drivers at the Red Bull Ring and successfully used throughout the remainder of the weekend. 

Intriguingly, its design takes influence from the specification used during the early stages of the season and also from its ‘sister’ team, Haas. 

Firstly, the Scuderia have reverted back to six elements at the outer portion of the wing only, rather than extending the slot gaps all the way across (like they did with their update in Bahrain). 

This has created room to incorporate a sinuous shape to the leading edge of the wing at the Y250 juncture, a trend that is coming back into fashion after a number of years where a straight edge has been preferred. 

This will capture and accelerate air underneath the wing, altering the properties of the vortex that is shed along the car’s centreline towards the bargeboards.

At the outboard section of the wing, the lead arch is more pronounced, while an additional slotted canard has been moulded to the inside face of the endplate.

The car’s hooped T-wing was also revised, featuring a larger chord towards the centre for both the upper and lower elements.