FIA amends Red Bull Ring's corner numbers

The FIA has amended how it numbers the corners at the Red Bull Ring ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.

Previously the FIA had listed the circuit as having nine corners, but has chosen to follow MotoGP's numbering system this year, meaning the official corner allocation totals ten.

The kink between what were Turns 1 and 2 will now be known as Turn 2, and therefore every corner after that is increased by one, with the final corner listed as ten.

The FIA also confirmed that the 'baguette' kerbs which caused drivers a lot of problems in 2016, will only be installed at Turns 6, 9 and 10, additionally, the spacing between the kerbs has been increased to 3.2 metres.

The DRS zones will be installed at Turns 3 and 9. The first has a detection point 360m before Turn 3 and an activation point 85m after the same corner. The second zone has a separate detection point 10m after Turn 9, with activation 110m after the final corner, Turn 10.