Tech Bite: Ferrari debuts sidepod gurney flaps in Baku

T-wings have been a particularly popular technical topic so far this season, mostly due to their ambiguous looks rather than what they add to the car’s performance. 

All the teams have developed their own but it seems as though others are beginning to expand into the rest of the regulatory area left open: Williams and Sauber have already tapped into this by placing lower T-wings just above the sidepod, and Ferrari have come up with their own interpretation for Azerbaijan. 

Two lipped pieces of bodywork have been bolted to the car just above the sidepod outlet. 

Their shape is reminiscent to that of the gurney flaps that surround the diffuser and floor edges of most cars although these are much larger. 

If they do function in a similar way to the aforementioned flaps, their purpose will be to entice hot air that has passed through the car’s internals, flicking it upwards slightly as it leaves.

This flow would then interact with the other rear aero-structures; the rear-wing, diffuser and monkey seat winglets (which influence the exhaust plume) – greater rear-downforce is achieved if these can all work in unison.