Phillip Horton  |    |   0  |  19 June 2017

Goodwood FoS to pay tribute to Bernie Ecclestone

Next weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will pay homage to former Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, with a display of cars from different eras of the sport.

Goodwood’s ‘Central Structure’ at the FoS is typically used to celebrated important milestones or anniversaries for manufacturers and their motorsport activities.

Ecclestone led Formula 1 for four decades but was replaced as CEO by Chase Carey, following Liberty Media’s takeover of the championship in January.

It is the first time that the structure will pay tribute to one individual, with the ‘Five Ages of Ecclestone’ to be represented by five different cars, which will be fixed to the imposing structure.

Ecclestone’s Connaught, in which he attempted to qualify for two Grands Prix in 1958, the Lotus 72, Brabham BT49, Ferrari F2001 and Mercedes W07 Hybrid will be in attendance.

“This is not so much a tribute, but rather a Goodwood celebration of a racer who has had such a huge influence on the sport we all love,” said FoS founder Lord March.

“It’s wonderful that Bernie has agreed to spend the weekend at the Festival with many of the great names with whom he has worked during a life dedicated to racing.

“I’m also delighted that he will bring with him some great historic Grand Prix cars from his incredible collection.”

Several Formula 1 World Champions, team owners, engineers and designers who worked alongside Ecclestone will be in attendance, and will gather outside of the house on Sunday afternoon to ‘acknowledge his legacy.’

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