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Video: Porsche's Le Mans night update

jackleslief1 [5:22 PM] What time is that UK time and how long does it need to be? I am kinda watching on and off but can sort if no one else can [5:25] I'll sort a DTM report once I have had something to eat phil [5:25 PM] You know, I did that for MM and yet I totally forgot the MW version jackleslief1 [5:26 PM] Feel free to do it if you watched it [5:26] I didn't see the race phil [5:26 PM] Yeah, I can sort, just silly that I forgot jackleslief1 [5:26 PM] Very silly how dare you phil [5:26 PM] Have scheduled a Magnussen piece for a little later daniel_lloyd [5:30 PM] @jackleslief1 That will be 8 pm [5:30] I'm happy to take all the overnight stuff [5:30] Just need someone to take this evening if poss [5:31] Length wise - say 4-500 roughly jackleslief1 [5:34 PM] Should be able to piece something together daniel_lloyd [5:35 PM] Thanks Jack - much appreciated! jackleslief1 [5:37 PM] No probs phil [5:44 PM] DTM all done, if someone could check it over daniel_lloyd [8:49 PM] Thanks for sorting the LM piece, Jack jackleslief1 [8:50 PM] No problem [8:51] Hopefully it's half decent daniel_lloyd [8:59 PM] Had a read through, looks great! [8:59] I'll add the results jackleslief1 [8:59 PM] Cheers ----- Today June 18th, 2017 ----- phil [8:46 AM] Keep going with the good work Daniel, unbelievable luck for Toyota daniel_lloyd [8:50 AM] It all happened so quickly, totally mad jackleslief1 [8:51 AM] What's the situation now? Only just woke up [8:51] Basically Porsches to lose and LMP2 on the podium phil [8:51 AM] #1 leading by a gazillion laps daniel_lloyd [8:52 AM] Toyota lost both cars in the space of about half an hour around 2am [8:52] Kobayashi had a clutch problem & stopped on track, then Lapierre hit an LMP2 and got a puncture which destroyed the rear of the car [8:53] The #8 is still going, but 20-odd laps down jackleslief1 [8:54 AM] Ah OK I saw the Toyota issues then went to bed phil [9:24 AM] I should be OK to sort F3/DTM today chaps jackleslief1 [9:29 AM] Gonna sort the Steiner comments on 25 races phil [9:29 AM] Sure [9:29] It's in the preview jackleslief1 [9:29 AM] Yep [9:29] Where I found them :wink: phil [9:30 AM] I still need to share the Mag stories [9:30] Will do that on FB now daniel_lloyd [9:39 AM] I mistakenly posted a video piece using the link, not the embed code so the video doesn't come up...but I can't seem to change it in the 'edit' option - any ideas? phil [9:40 AM] I'm not sure, sorry jackleslief1 [9:40 AM] Hmm that's weird [9:40] That box has just disappeared [9:40] @wood_ryan4 ? daniel_lloyd [9:40 AM] Embed code is:

Watch how Porsche took the lead at the 24 Hours of Le Mans following separate incidents for the No. 7 and No. 9 Toyota TS050s.

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