F1 boss Chase Carey applauds Ferrari for finding crying fan

New Formula 1 boss Chase Carey has applauded Ferrari for taking it upon themselves to track down and reward an upset fan, after Kimi Räikkönen crashed out of the Spanish Grand Prix on the opening lap.

Thomas Danel was shown on the world feed crying when Räikkönen retired, but later in the race he was seen in the paddock with his family before being shown into the Ferrari motorhome where he met the 2007 world champion.

The images were shared on social media as well as on live television, providing the sport with much needed positive coverage as new owners Liberty Media embark on changing how F1 is viewed outside of its current fanbase.

Carey also said the move was evidence of change within the sport, believing something similar wouldn't have happened under the old leadership of Bernie Ecclestone.

"We got all this press about the little boy who got pulled down, and they [Ferrari] did it on their own, having a sense a freedom that they wouldn't have had a year ago," Autosport quote Carey as saying.

"I didn't tell them to find the little boy, there are people [in the team] who did it on their own, thought it would be a special moment, and it was."

The first European race of the season also saw a host of changes to make the experience better for fans, including a zipwire, pit-stop challenges, footbal matches and more (read about those here).