Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  17 February 2017

Ross Brawn: Changes for the better will be gradual not overnight

New Formula 1 managing director of motorsport, Ross Brawn, has warned that positive changes to improve F1 will not happen overnight, but promises they will happen gradually and that they will all have one thing in common: to make the sport better.

Brawn has been appointed to his role by new owners Liberty Media with the primary aim of making the sport more popular following a recent decline in its audience.

The former team boss has already set out a plan he hopes to start implementing soon, but warned that such changes will take time and therefore some patience is required.

"There are some straightforward issues, but the solutions are going to take some time. We want to focus on making the show as good as it can be and the entertainment as good as it can be," he told BBC 5 Live Sport.

"Every decision that will be made in the future - technical decisions, sporting decisions, economic decisions - will have to tick some boxes and those will be 'does it make the sport better? Does it make it more entertaining? Does it make it more economic?'

"Gradually we’ll steer the sport into a better direction, into a better place," he added.

"You can't change a sport as complex as Formula 1 overnight but the message is that we are fighting to make the sport as entertaining and as viable as we can. I hope with the continued pressure we can apply, we can steer the sport into a better place.”

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