Mercedes pays over $5m in 2017 Formula 1 entry fees

While the aim in Formula 1 is to score as many points as possible, they also come at a cost, as Mercedes discovered when it paid its entry fee to the FIA for the 2017 championship, following a record-breaking season in which it scored an astonishing 765 points.

All teams wishing to compete in the championship must pay a base entry fee of $516,128, irrespective of their classification in the previous year’s standings.

Additional entry fees are based on points scored during the previous season and the winning constructor pays a premium of $1,033 per point more compared to their rivals.

Consequently Mercedes, having cruised to a third straight title, has paid $6,194 per point scored, while the other teams have paid $5,161.

Therefore Mercedes' entry fee for the 2017 season has set the company back $5,254,538 – $384,028 more than it paid in 2016 – and more than double the $2.5m third-placed Ferrari has been charged by the FIA to get its cars on the official entry list.

Red Bull has had to pay almost $1.5m more than it did the previous campaign, as a result of its achievements in 2016, compared to its disappointing 2015 season, the biggest rise of any team.

Williams’ fee, meanwhile, has dropped by over $600,000 after its slide down the pecking order, the largest year-on-year drop.

Full breakdown of 2017 entry fees:

# Team Points Entry Fee
1 Mercedes 765 $5,254,538
2 Red Bull 468 $2,931,476
3 Ferrari 398 $2,570,206
4 Force India 173 $1,408,981
5 Williams 138 $1,228,346
6 McLaren 76 $908,364
7 Toro Rosso 63 $841,271
8 Haas 29 $665,797
9 Renault 8 $557,416
10 Sauber 2 $526,450
11 Manor 1 $521,289