Ryan Wood  |    11 January 2017

Pirelli confirms compound choices for Bahrain and Russia

Pirelli has confirmed the tyre compounds it will make available for the third and fourth round of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship.

Bahrain will see the medium, soft and supersoft in action, with drivers using at least one set of the medium or soft during the race.

Pirelli has assigned the supersoft tyre as the Q3 qualifying tyre, meaning the top ten drivers must save a set to be used during the final part of qualifying.

Pirelli has taken an aggressive selection for the fourth round in Russia, with the three softest compounds on offer; soft, supersoft and ultrasoft.

The mandatory race sets are the soft and supersoft, with at least one set used during the race, whilst the ultrasoft has been chosen as the Q3 qualifying tyre.

Unlike last year, Pirelli will select the quantity of sets given to each driver for the opening five races of the 2017 season. This is because the tyres are brand new and are therefore an unknown for all drivers, making it difficult to make a selection.

Pirelli will provide seven sets of the softest of the three nominated compounds, four sets of the middle compound and two of the hardest compound nominated for each driver.

The choice will revert back to the driver from the sixth round of the season, once they've had the opportunity to get to grips with the all-new compounds.

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