Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  6 January 2017

Melbourne boosts safety barriers in response to faster 2017 cars

The organisers of the Australian Grand Prix say they've been forced to install additional safety barriers at certain corners due to the expected increase in cornering speeds this year.

The new technical regulations this year will mean quicker cars. Wider tyres and wings are expected to see the cars carry an additional 20-30mph through a high-speed corner, forcing organisers to improve safety measures as any mid-corner incidents will happen at far higher-speeds than previously.

Tecpro barriers will be installed at turn 12 in place of tyre walls, whilst the barriers at turns one, six and 14 will be beefed up, providing an additional layer of safety according to Craig Moca, division manager of infrastructure at the Australian Grand Prix Corporation.

"At Turn 12 we used to have six rows of tyres, now what we’ve done is we’ve taken away three rows of tyres and implemented the Tecpro system," he explained to Motorsport.

"It’s one row of Tecpro barriers, and every five metres there’s a double Tecpro barrier, which essentially adds a buffer from the tyre wall."

One, six and 14 will have the current tyre walls doubled in depth, with added tube inserts to absorb any impact.

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