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The top ten most read news stories of 2016

The year is almost over! We've collected our top ten most read stories of the season to see what the big talking points were.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. We'll see you in 2017 – we've some exciting plans we think you'll enjoy.

1. McLaren fires up 2016 Honda power unit for the first time 

Our most popular story saw McLaren and Honda release a short audi clip of their 2016 engine. After a disappointing reunion in 2015, fanbs were clearly eager to see how Honda's power unit would perform in 2016 and whilst things improved, there's certainly room for improvement.

2. Next year's McLaren 'looks very aggressive' - Stoffel Vandoorne

Next year will see the launch of "aggressive" looking cars under new technical regulations and McLaren rookie Stoffel Vandoorne confirmed that to be true after seeing a render of McLaren's latest challenger during a visit to the team's factory.

3. Lewis Hamilton approaching Charlie Whiting directly was 'regrettable'

Lewis Hamilton caused some controversy when he approached the FIA's Charlie Whiting in private to discuss Nico Rosberg's pole position lap in Hungary, which was set under yellow flag conditions, prompting new rules to come into effect.

4. Niki Lauda: 'Half the grid' have been in contact with Mercedes

Nico Rosberg's shock retirement opened the flood gates for Mercedes as Niki Lauda revealed that half the grid had expressed interest in the opening. However it's expected Valtteri Bottas will line-up alongside Lewis Hamilton in 2017.

5. Sepang tweaks will make circuit quicker and more challenging

Sepang's International Circuit underwent some big changes in 2016 aimed at improving the layout, drainage and overtaking opportunities. The architect behind the changes spoke to Grand Prix Times exclusively to give some insight as to why they changed what they did.

6. Fernando Alonso wants a return to 'extreme' Formula 1 cars in 2017

Fernando Alonso has often questioned the direction Formula 1 is heading and says the sport must please fans by introducing "extreme" cars in the future – but is pleased 2017 is heading in that direction.

7. Honda: 'Next year we're aiming to match the Mercedes engine'

Honda made bold aims for 2017, with the target of matching the dominant Mercedes power unit after struggling with its own for the past two seasons. Can they do it? Time will tell.

8. Teams want immediate talks over next generation engine

The current power units are entering their fourth season and although their replacements are some way off, the deadline to agree upon what the new engines should look like is fast approaching and teams are keen to nail down the basics.

9. Sauber says Haas approach to Formula 1 not the 'right way'

Sauber claimed Haas' approach wasn't right for the sport as the team buys much of its parts in from rivals, but maybe Sauber should consider a similar path as the new-for-2016 team scored 29 points compared to Sauber's two. Ouch!

10. Niki Lauda annoyed that Nico Rosberg has left Mercedes looking 'stupid'

Whilst Rosberg winning the title and then retiring five days later is the big story of 2016 – despite it not making our top ten most read – Lauda wasn't best pleased by the German's decision and says the short notice has left Mercedes looking "stupid".

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