Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  13 December 2016

Next year's McLaren 'looks very aggressive' - Stoffel Vandoorne

Rookie Stoffel Vandoorne has said next year's McLaren "looks very aggressive" when compared to the current car, thanks to the regulation changes which mandate larger tyres, wings and rear diffuser.

Although Vandoorne has only seen the car as a 3D model on a computer screen, he's confident they will look "cool" in person and is excited to get behind the wheel of the MP4-32 for the first time early next year.

"I’ve seen it on a computer screen – just a 3D model. It’s quite different to what the cars look like now," he said during a final visit to the McLaren Technology Centre before Christmas.

"It looks very cool, very futuristic – especially with the wider tyres and bigger rear wing. When you look at the CG model from the rear, it looks very aggressive. They’ll look cool.

"I can’t wait to get in the car to begin winter testing," added the Belgian. "Everything I’ve done up until now has been about preparing for next season.

"It’s still a very long way away, and there are still a lot of things to go through before I get in the new car for the first time, but once we’re back after Christmas and New Year, things will start to move very quickly."

Meanwhile Vandoorne explained why he has chosen to race with the #2 as his permanent driver number.

"I chose it because it was the first number I had when I started racing in single-seaters – in Formula 4 Eurocup 1.6, back in 2010. I didn’t choose the number, it was just given to me, but it was a good year for me – I had a lot of victories and a lot of podiums – so it has positive memories for me."

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