Jack Leslie  |    |   0  |  26 November 2016

Zak Brown: I wouldn't be at McLaren without Ron Dennis

New McLaren executive director Zak Brown says he wouldn’t be at the team without outgoing chairman and CEO Ron Dennis.

Earlier this month it was announced that Dennis would be leaving the Woking-based outfit after 35 years leading McLaren.

American businessman Brown was confirmed at McLaren in a new executive director role this week, six days after the Dennis news was announced.

Talking to the official Formula 1 website, Brown admitted Dennis played a key role in getting him to McLaren.

“I have a great relationship with Ron,” he explained. “Ron set out recruiting me.

“Ron and I started serious talks in the middle of the year, so I wouldn’t be sitting where I am without Ron.

“He is very much in my mind. I have spoken to him before I came to Abu Dhabi. My relationship with Ron is unchanged.”

Having struggled in recent years and not had a title sponsor since 2013, Brown hopes to see more partners at McLaren as well as better on-track performances.

“I would like to see more partners on the race car,” he said. “I want to see more on-track success - probably having a view of the podium.

“But I don’t want to get caught making predictions. What I can say: ‘more’ is the route to go.”

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