Jack Leslie  |    |   0  |  24 November 2016

Jenson Button treating Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as his final Formula 1 race

Jenson Button says he is going into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend thinking it will be his final race in Formula 1.

Earlier in the season, the British driver announced he will take a step away from F1 in 2017 but remain at McLaren as an ambassador and reserve driver.

He has been replaced by Stoffel Vandoorne. There is a possibility he could return to a race seat in 2018 with McLaren but currently he feels Abu Dhabi will be his final race in F1.

“I go into this weekend thinking it's going to be my last race, I think that's the best way,” he explained during the FIA press conference.

“It is going to be my last race. At this moment in time, I don't want to be racing in F1 beyond this year.

When asked if this was due to a new outlook, he replied: “Nothing has changed. I'm just going into it thinking that it's my last, as I don't want to go into it thinking it's not my last and it is my last.

“It is true that I have a contract for 2018, but at this moment I'm not going to be racing in 2018.

“The whole idea of the contract was that, in three months' time, when I've eaten myself stupid, and I'm thinking of things to do in the future, I may feel that I need Formula 1 back in my life.

“At this moment in time that isn't the case. This is my last race, and that's the way I'm thinking about it, but who knows, that could change in six months, eight months, one year.”

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