Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  5 October 2016

GP3 series to introduce DRS for 2017 season

GP3 will adopt a drag reduction system (DRS) for the 2017 season, bringing it in line with both GP2 and Formula 1.

The system, which reduces drag by opening a small flap on the rear-wing, was introduced to F1 in 2011 and GP2 in 2015, with the aim of increasing the amount of overtaking.

GP2 and GP3 series CEO, Bruno Michel, says it's only natural that the junior series follows in the footsteps of GP2 and F1 to prepare its drivers for future graduation, whilst also improving the quality of the racing.

"We introduced a new car in GP3 this year and it has given us 100 per cent satisfaction in terms of reliability so we decided to add another layer to the drivers’ apprenticeship with the addition of DRS in order to prepare them for GP2," he told Insider magazine.

"Of course, it will also spice up the GP3 races which have been a little bit too quiet at the beginning of the season, but they have started to become extremely enjoyable in recent rounds.

"DRS will also attract drivers to the series because they are always looking for anything that will help them prepare for the future."

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