Pirelli reduces tyre pressure limits for Italian Grand Prix

Pirelli has reduced the minimum tyre pressures for the Italian Grand Prix following analysis of data from Friday practice running.

The Italian tyre company had originally set minimum tyre pressures at 2 psi higher than for last year's Monza visit. This was justified by Pirelli as a safety measure to reduce the likelihood of tyre blow-outs, though the stricter limits - in this as well as in previous grands prix - had attracted criticism from some drivers. 

Originally the minimum pressures set by Pirelli for this weekend were 23.5 psi at the front and 21.5 psi at the rear.

However following analysis of the team's data from Friday's practice running in Monza, Pirelli has decided to reduce the minimum pressures slightly, to 23 psi at the front and 20.5 psi at the rear.

Pirelli retains the right to review the situation again however if it finds problems later in the weekend.