Ferrari's James Allison confident 2017 cars will look 'very appealing'

Next year's Formula 1 cars, which will be wider and more aggressive, will look "very appealing" according to Ferrari technical director James Allison.

The Briton, having already begun work on designing Ferrari's 2017 car, is pleased with the way they look and reckons the sport has taken a step in the right direction compared to a couple of years back when the rules demanded ugly looking noses.

"All of us - or at least the vast majority of us - want our product to be beautiful and therefore we want regulations that inherently make the cars beautiful," Allison is quoted as saying by Motorsport during the FIA's Sport Conference in Turin. 

"We've made a little bit of a step forward to get rid of the horrible looking noses of a couple of years ago and next year’s regulations are a very conscious effort to try to make the cars both unbelievably quick and also beautiful.

"The proportions of next year’s cars are very appealing," he continued. "For those of us who are lucky enough to be seeing them as they get created, they look nice. I’m looking forward to seeing them racing."