Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  22 May 2016

Sauber says Haas approach to Formula 1 not the 'right way'

Sauber wouldn't consider following Haas' approach to Formula 1, as team principal Monica Kaltenborn doesn't believe it is the "right way" to approach the sport if a team is to be considered a constructor.

Haas, which made its debut this season and is powered by the same Ferrari engine as Sauber, currently has 22 points from five races, whilst Sauber is yet to score a single point.

The American outfit buys as much as it's allowed from Ferrari, from transmission to suspension, in order to keep development costs down and ensure it is relatively competitive.

Kaltenborn, whilst congratulating Haas' success, disagrees with their approach and says it isn't something they would consider for the future.

“We, on the outside, see a bit - and whatever it is, they are doing a good job,” Kaltenborn said of Haas. “A very remarkable job.

“At the same time whatever one knows about it from the outside, there are certain ways which we don’t think are the right way," she told the official Formula 1 website.

"We do believe that it is essential for Formula 1 that a team turns up as a constructor. You could argue about what that exactly is - but I think that some things should be done on one’s own that makes Formula 1."

Speaking of the team's financial troubles, Kaltenborn is hopeful of resolving them quickly.

"I cannot give any specific time - but, of course, for us it has to be as quick as possible.

"Of course, that would also help other teams who are also in difficult conditions, as we are not the only one. We need to work in surroundings that are a bit more favourable towards private teams."

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