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Timo Glock: Drivers should vote on canopy introduction

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock believes the decision to introduce additional head protection in 2017 should be down to the drivers, not the FIA.

The Halo and Aeroscreen concepts have both received a mixed response from the drivers, although feedback for the latter - a canopy tested by Red Bull this weekend in Russia - has been largely positive.

McLaren driver Jenson Button believes it enhances the look of the cars, whilst three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton compared it to a "riot-shield" and said he would not use either if they were optional, adding that danger is part of F1.

"When I get in my car I know that there is a danger, that's been the same since I started when I was eight years old and that's the risk that I am willing to take and that's the risk that every single driver who has ever been in the car has been willing to take," he said this week.

Glock, who drove for Toyota and Virgin Racing before switching to DTM, agrees that it doesn't suit the cars and reckons the drivers should vote on its introduction as ultimately they're the ones who it's protecting.

“It looks weird on these cars," he said. "This is something where the drivers need to decide because it’s the safety of the driver. This is where I would let the drivers vote what they want.

“I understand both sides. For me it looks strange. But on the other side we have had incidents, not just in Formula 1, even in IndyCar with Justin Wilson, so you need to think about it at least. 

“See what the vote is at the end. If it is 50/50 I don’t know. They need to decide what is right.”

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