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Red Bull fits its RB12 with a canopy for FP1 installation run

Red Bull will complete an installation lap on Friday with a canopy attached to its RB12, to give its driver Daniel Ricciardo a chance to see what visibility is like with the 'Halo' alternative.

As we reported last week, the FIA gave Red Bull the green-light to trial the protoype solution as it seeks to introduce greater head protection for the 2017 season.

Currently the Mercedes designed 'Halo' is the leading design and was tested by Ferrari during pre-season testing. However it didn't garner much favour with fans and some drivers including reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton lauded it as "the worst modification ever".

Red Bull's design is much more aesthetically pleasing and resembles an open-top jet-fighter canopy. It underwent structural analysis last Friday with various tests conducted by the FIA to check its suitability.

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