Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  22 February 2016

Manor launches 'all new' MRT05 at Barcelona test

Manor has launched its "all new" MRT05 for the 2016 season with a simple rollout during pre-season testing on Monday.

The team have switched to Mercedes power for the 2016 season, replacing former customer Lotus, and have a technical agreement with Williams to use its drivetrain.

The new car, which features a more colourful livery of red, white and blue, is the "most developed" car Manor has unveiled according to technical director John McQuilliam.

"Even at this early stage of the game, we can easily say this is the best car we’ve ever launched. Certainly the most developed, the most ambitious and the most aggressive.

"The overall package is a very significant step forward, not just from last year, but from any of the cars from our stable. So yes, we have a long way to go from here in terms of developing the MRT05, but it’s already a dream package for the 154 Manor Racing people who’ve worked so hard to design and build it."

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