Experience life inside the Ferrari garage with Shell

Ordinarily only the very privileged few get into an Formula 1 team's garage. If not team members then a very select band of family, friends and other hangers-on.

But Shell has sought to rectify this. Well rectify it in a virtual sense anyway by creating an online digital tool that allows any one of us to wander around the live garage on a Grand Prix weekend of its technical partner Ferrari, in the Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered experience.

It's designed for use on tablets as well as on your computer or laptop. You can check out Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered at: www.shell.com/SFU

Using it one indeed feels rather honoured. You can roam the exclusive area to your heart's desire, and there is much roaming that can be done. The garage is complete with two Ferrari cars that you can have a nose at and explore their aerodynamics among other things, and you even hear from the two drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. You also can find out about the team's approach and processes throughout a race weekend. There also is a telemetry room, engine room, gearbox room, as well as of course a Shell lab, where you can look at what goes into the Ferrari's fuel and oil.

 Shell forms an important part of Ferrari's success in F1.

Also you can walk from the garage into the pit lane both to converse with those on the pit wall as well as to view a pit stop in its preparation and undertaking from previously unseen angles. You don't have to worry about being run over Maurizio Arrivabene style, nor indeed being apprehended by a heavy for being somewhere you shouldn't and thrown out of the garage and presumably from the circuit...

There's lots there - everywhere is packed with information and there are many stats and video clips. The information is detailed and authoritative - the Ferrari team's close involvement in creating this is clear - and the whole thing is done to a high quality. Best of all it's pretty good fun to use too.

Fiona Low, Shell's Global Head of Digital Comms, said about the tool: "Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered represents a bold new step for Shell in how we approach marketing and is an excellent proof point of our innovative Technical Partnership with Ferrari. The partnership is one of the most successful in motorsport history and is so much more than the traditional sponsorship, which is why we can create an asset like this. The partnership has lasted for over 60 years and launches such as Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered showcase our shared passion for innovation both on and off the track.

"Whether you are an F1 nut or just a curious sports fan, Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered is a great way to learn more about the sport of F1 and gain access into this exclusive world."