'Two victories doesn't make us brilliant' - Ferrari

Ferrari are keeping their expectations in check and their feet on the ground as they head into the second half of the 2015 season, despite a tight gap to championship leader Lewis Hamilton.

The Italian outfit went into the summer break on the back of a sensational victory which saw Sebastian Vettel go unchallenged in Hungary, taking his win tally to two, just one less than Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg.

Vettel now sits just 21 points behind his fellow German, whilst Hamilton is a futher 21 points ahead, leading the four-time champion to declare he and the team will do "everything possible" to stay in the title battle.

But Ferrari's head of communications, Alberto Antonini, has urged caution, knowing that two race wins doesn't mean they're suddenly "brilliant".

"We didn't think we were going through a crisis after Silverstone and we don't believe we are brilliant now," he said.

"We are keeping our feet on the ground, as we know we are up against some very strong opposition, but we will give it our best shot as always."

Meanwhile Mercedes motorsport Toto Wolff is calling for his team to "push relentlessley" as Hungary is proof that there are "many chances to win or lose" the title battle.

"With ten races down and nine to go, we enter the second half of the season with a stronger points total than at this stage last year," he said. "And yet, our margin to the competition is actually smaller.

"There is never a moment you can take your foot off the gas and Hungary proved once again that any slip is an opportunity our rivals will grab with both hands.

"We have all enjoyed a chance to recharge over the summer – but we have also kept our minds focused on what lies ahead. There are still many chances to win or lose this battle and we must be relentless in our push to come out on top."