Wolff has no problem with Hamilton's 'private' life

Lewis Hamilton is making the most of the summer break and has chosen to document much of it on his social media channels, but it's not been without at least some controversy.

The Mercedes driver, who is reportedly dating signer Rihanna, spent several days in Jamaica and Barbados.

One photo on his Instagram account, which sees him smoking a cigar whilst dancing with a mystery women, has drawn some negative feedback from Formula 1 fans, particularly because of the caption: "Positively preposterous behaviour I say!! #0FucksGiven".

But his behaviour doesn't concern Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff, insisting it isn't his nor Mercedes' job to interfere in their drivers private lives.

"I try to avoid looking at social media in general because it doesn't always reflect what is really happening, and therefore I am always a bit cautious when it comes to what I hear and see," he told Autosport.

"But Lewis knows himself, he knows what he needs and wants, what he likes and doesn't like.

"I think if he enjoys himself in travelling, and entertaining himself, then that is what he should do.

"We will be the last ones to interfere in his private life. I wouldn't want anybody to interfere in mine and tell me what I should do on holiday, so I won't do it with him either."

Whilst one side of the fence may find the images and captions offensive, others have applauded Hamilton and compared him to the no-nonsense James Hunt who led a 'playboy' lifestyle away from the circuit.


Positively preposterous behaviour I say!! #0FucksGiven #daggeringboss #BarbadosCropOver

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