Wolff admits Red Bull engine deal an 'attractive option'

Mercedes motorsport chief Toto Wolff has admitted that supplying Red Bull with engines would be an 'attractive option' should they fail to reach an agreement with current supplier Renault.

The Milton Keynes based outfit has publicly criticised Renault over its unreliable and underperforming engine this season, leading to the French manufacturer to weigh up its options going forward, which would potentially leave Red Bull engine-less in 2017.

Ferrari have already made an offer to supply Red Bull and it seems Mercedes would also be open to the idea, though Wolff has some reservations about strengthening a competitor.

"They [already] have an agreement in place and we don't want to interfere in legal matters between the two parties," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"But if I put on my Mercedes motorsport hat, and I speak in the interests of the sport, I must say that it is an attractive option because it would link us to a brand that has appeal among young people, and one that is a winner.

"Of course, as the head of the team, it's not really ideal to strengthen a competitor who knows how to make winning cars," he added.

Meanwhile Red Bull's Helmut Marko has admitted they're exploring all options.

"We are looking into everything. There's always a saying, never say never. We're looking for options."