'Negative comments don't bother me at all' - Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado says he isn't bothered by the negative view many Formula 1 fans have of him, and understands it's part of his job to accept criticism.

The Venezuelan driver is often the subject of jokes and internet memes due to the number of incidents he has been involved in during his relatively short F1 career.

He came under fire again at the most recent race in Hungary, when he served three penalties for various infringements, one of which included crashing into a rival driver.

"It doesn't bother me at all," Maldonado told Autosport of the criticism. "I've always been heavily criticised by many people, but it's part of my job and part of my life.

"This is a very intensive job and I just always try to do my best for the people I work with.

"Whether that's in the factory or the simulator, the engineers and the people who need to like me, the team, like me."

Whilst he would prefer positive comments, he believes the negatitity could be a source of motivation.

"If you ask me what I would prefer, I prefer people talk good about me, which is normal, but what they say does not affect me.

"Maybe it motivates me, who knows?"