Hamilton and Vettel disagree on F1 format shake-up

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton says he would support a shake-up to the current Formula 1 weekend, whilst former world champion Sebastian Vettel is against the proposal.

During a Strategy Group meeting on Wednesday, the idea of changing the race weekend format was floated, with the FIA confirming that "several exciting and innovative" ideas had been discussed.

It was later revealed that amongst the change is a Saturday sprint race. Third practice would be scrapped and replaced by qualifying. That would decide the grid for the sprint race, which would then decide the grid for the grand prix on Sunday.

Hamilton is in favour of mixing it up a little as he believes things can become stale, but reckons the drivers should be consulted on the matter before any final decision is made.

"I would be very, very happy for the weekend to change," said the Mercedes driver.

"I've been here nine years - Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday always exactly the same, so I'd be happy for them to muddle it up to make it more exciting.

"If the format is the same for the next seven years I don't think I could take that!

"It would be sensible for the people that have to make those decisions to sometimes consult the drivers.

"It would be positive for them to ask us and I'd love to help in any way I can."

Vettel meanwhile believes tradition is more important and believes the sport has more important issues to resolve first.

"I love racing, but I'm traditional on some things so I'm not in favour of it," added the Ferrari driver.

"A grand prix should be a grand prix. I know it's only a qualifying race but it will take some of the spectacle from Sunday.

"I think we have different issues to solve, rather than if we have a race on Saturday."

He then joked: "Maybe we should think about the real problems, like helmet designs!"