Ferrari engine's for Red Bull is nonsense - Mateschitz

Red Bull will not switch from Renault to Ferrari engines in 2016 or beyond according to team owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

The claim of a switch was made by several media outlets this week, but it is complete nonsense according to billionaire owner Mateschitz, who insisted they have no option but to remain with Renault in 2016.

"There is absolutely nothing in those [rumours]," the 71-year-old told Speed Week. "For 2016 we have no alternative to Renault."

But what about a move to Ferrari power in 2017? That won't happen either, with Mateschitz insisting Red Bull must be able to challenge for wins and titles and a customer team simply cannot do that.

"You can only get a [customer] engine which is good enough to take points from direct rivals," he explained. "But it will never be good enough to beat the factory team, which supplies you these engines.

"With a customer engine you will never win the world championship again. 

"And also when we see that we don't have any chance to win the championship because of the restrictions on aerodynamics as well… then we just lose the desire [to compete in F1]. We are bad at being the support actors."

Mateschitz, who admitted he is growing tired of competing in F1 and couldn't promise his teams would be around in a few years, is holding out hope that Renault can improve.

"We are still hoping [Renault will get better]," he said. "Hope dies last."