Marko blames F1 for Austria's slow ticket sales

Whilst the British Grand Prix looks set to be a capacity sell-out of almost 150,000 spectators during Sunday's race according to race organisers, ticket sales in Austria aren't doing quite as well.

Race promoter Red Bull are only expecting 60-70,000 through the gates in a fortnight, which is in stark contrast to the 95,000 sell-out seen last year when the race returned to the calendar.

Red Bull's Helmut Marko has blamed the current state of Formula 1 for the sharp decline, describing the cars as not "spectacular or loud enough," according to local news agency APA.

He also believes Mercedes' dominance is partly to blame: "It is the overall situation in F1. We have this incredible dominance of Mercedes which has taken away the tension."

Whilst talks are underway to make the cars five to six seconds quicker per lap, more aggressive looking and louder, Marko says it's currently all talk and no action.

"Everyone is talking too much and doing too little," he added. "Everyone thinks more about how to get his own advantage than what is really good for the sport."