Michelin unlikely to submit F1 tender despite interest

Michelin is unlikely to take part in the FIA's tender process to find a new Formula 1 tyre supplier for the 2017 season onwards, according to a senior figure at the French manufacturer.

Michelin last competed in F1 back in 2006, but left when the sport switched to a sole supplier and then later demanded a high-wearing tyre - a condition Pirelli was happy to meet.

Whilst the company recently admitted it was interested in returning to F1, as long as certain conditions are met such as larger 18-inch wheels, the company's motorcycle racing director, Nicolas Goubert, says that is now unlikely.

"Formula 1 is the opposite of our philosophy," he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"The 13-inch tyres are not used by any road cars and maybe should give the highest performance for only 10 laps. That's not what we want to show.

"I don't think Michelin will participate in the FIA tender, we prefer to be in MotoGP."

Pirelli has confirmed it has submitted its tender to continue as F1's sole supplier, but it's not clear if any other companies have an interest, though they have until June 17 to log their application.

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