'Alonso struggling to admit move was a mistake' - Massa

Fernando Alonso's move from Ferrari to McLaren was a mistake and one the Spaniard is struggling to admit, according to his former team-mate Felipe Massa.

Whilst Ferrari has undergone a recent resurgence and emerged as Mercedes' closest competitior, McLaren is struggling to score a single point following a switch to Honda power.

Alonso has repeatedly defended the career move, claiming he had to take a risk with a new venture if he wants to secure another title, rather than finishing second yet again.

Massa however disagrees and says the two-time champion is finding it hard to admit he made a mistake by switching too early.

"Of course not," replied the Brazilian when asked if he agreed with Alonso's reasoning. "I think Alonso had to invent some reason to justify a change that has certainly been more negative than positive," he told Brazil’s Globo Esporte.

"I think it is sometimes difficult to admit when you've made a mistake," he added.

"Ferrari really has improved. They have changed everything! The president, the team boss - it's a different team."

Meanwhile Massa added to the rumours that Valtteri Bottas could replace Kimi Raikkonen, but not as soon as 2016 as he is committed to Williams.

"It's something he can do in the future, but I don't think so for next year, because Williams has an option on him.

"But for the future, Ferrari is more competitive; it has shown potential to win and fight again for the championship. If he [Bottas] has a good proposal to go to Ferrari then why not?"