Manor says claims it can't run two cars is nonsense

Manor have denied reports they're unable to run both cars at the same time due to software problems and limited parts.

Whilst the team attended the first race in Australia, neither car managed to leave the garage. Meanwhile in Malaysia, both cars competed in practice, but never together and only Roberto Merhi qualified and raced, leaving Will Stevens in the garage.

Team principal Graeme Lowdon has denied the reports and says they were simply unable to get Stevens out on Saturday and Sunday because of an ongoing 'fuel system problem'.

"I can guarantee you if that car could have moved, it would have raced," he told Autosport. "There is absolutely no question about it. And it would have qualified.

"Quali we had very clear run planning for both cars, and we would have definitely raced with two cars."

He says the claims are "complete and utter nonsense" as it wouldn't make sense to miss the first races where they're more likely to score points due to a high attrition rate.

"Look at Melbourne - why would you not want to be in a race," he said, noting the fact that just 11 cars finished the race. "You would drag the car kicking and screaming.

"It's complete utter nonsense. Elvis is not alive on Mars and all the rest of it.

"We'll just keep our heads down, crack on with what we have to do, and keep moving forward."