McLaren, Alonso preparing for Malaysia return

McLaren and Fernando Alonso are preparing for his debut at the Malaysian Grand Prix in just over a week, despite concerns he might not yet be fit enough.

The Spaniard was involved in a test crash over a month ago which resulted in him sitting out the first race in Australia, on doctors advice as a precautionary measure.

However the team are hoping he will be declared fit to race in just over a week and is due to undertake an official FIA medical test later this week.

The Woking team have prepared a programme for his return which includes time in McLaren's advanced simulator.

"We have a programme to help Fernando back to racing and he plans to be in our simulator," said a McLaren spokesman.

The two-time champion has also been going over data from his crash in an attempt to aid McLaren and the FIA in investigating the matter.

Despite producing a 38-page report on the incident, the team haven't been able to identify a problem with the car which may have caused Alonso to hit the wall, therefore backing up earlier claims that a loss of traction and gust of wind caught Alonso by surprise.

Kevin Magnussen remains on standby should Alonso be declared unfit.