Manor summoned by stewards over qualifying no-show

The Manor F1 Team has been summoned by the Australian Grand Prix race stewards to explain why it failed to take part in qualifying for the race this weekend.

The outfit, which has returned from the brink of complete collapse, travelled to Melbourne with its cars and equipment in the hope of taking part.

However it failed to take to the track with either of its cars at any point during the weekend due to software issues and is therefore ineligible to take part in Sunday's race.

The FIA has therefore asked the team to provide an explanation detailing why during a meeting on Saturday at 8pm local time.

"The Stewards request that you provide a written statement explaining why the team did not participate in Qualifying for the 2015 Australian Grand Prix after receiving a letter from the FIA on the 20th of February."

Team principal Graeme Lowdon is hopeful of competing in the Malaysian GP weekend in a fortnight.